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Originally Posted by waterwolf View Post
Corbo, IMO it's not the inability to tie flouro to mono that's causing you issues. It's the mirage, unless something dramatic has changed that stuff was awful. Try the Umpqua Super Flouro or the Frog Hair Flouro. Both are much better in my opinion. Also, tying a yarn indicator into flouro will cause a major weak spot, it seems flouro cuts into itself and the knot used for yarn won't generally hold in flouro.
I agree with Jim's tips. I have experienced similar trouble with the Orvis Mirage Tippet. It seems to be worse in winter or colder air temperatures. Also; it feel it has a short-shelf life and you must buy fresh product to keep from having issues.

I have been using the Frog Hair Flouro 5x for most of my joys! It holds extremely well and thwarts memory or curling better than most brands.

Also; I stopped using the drop knot with wool indicator after losing some very nice fish. It broke at the indicator every time.

Hope to see you on the water soon!
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