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Originally Posted by Rockyraccoon View Post
It's important how you store your fluorocarbon. I've never had a problem with most brands. I always thought Climax was too stiff, but didn't really have problems with it otherwise. I usually use Rio Fluoro and have had great success with it.

I tie six turn blood knots and wet them well before cinching. Then I'lleave and 1/8 tag. No problems with knot slippage when working within 2 tippet sizes. When using heavier line, I will leave longer tags and flash melt them with a lighter. This creates a bulb on the tag that will not slip through the knot.
Great tips and information. Thanks for sharing and helping others Rocky...

I have pretty much used Climax Leaders for the past 3-4 years and love them. I use the Climax tippet for wet fly action and soft hackles.

Also; agree about the storage of line and material. A day in a hot car and dry out your line and leach it of its core moisture.
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