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Default Clinch River Update April 15, 2013

If you are like me and fish or follow the news of the Clinch you may have noticed the last couple of weeks the fencing being erected around the Weir parking lot. I spoke today with someone with knowledge of the project and asked about the timeline of the closing of the parking lot gates, according to them the new parking lot gates will be closed in the next couple of days and the project will begin. The work will include repair and replacement of some of the grating, and replacement of the timbers holding the rock in place behind the dam in addition to possible work on a manaul valve on the front side of the dam. That brought up my question of how do you work on the front of the Weir without draining the water from the front side. I was told a temporary dam would possibly be put in place and the flow of water from the main dam would be diverted to the back side of the island. I am not an engineer but if you google cofferdam, I think this may be one of the options they might utilize. NOTE: I have attached a picture of an example of that type dam, not the actual one they may use or type they may use, just an example!!

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