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Default Big Creek Always Rough

Big Creeks is tough going both in terms of getting around on it, and catching fish. I used to fish it a lot in the 1960s and 1970s. Back then the road was open all the way to Walnut Bottoms. We'd ride our Hondas up there and stay a couple of days living on trout. Back then no one but the locals fished there much.

Once there I ran into a couple of old timers who told me about growing up around Mark Cathey. The ranger there in those days was a tough nut, especially if you were a local which he assumed correctly probably had bait and too many fish. He told me once that the easiest way to catch a bait fishermen was to watch and see if they caught any hornyheads. According the ranger, hornyheads will not take a fly. Of course they will, but not according to that old law dog.

Fished over in northern Jawja this week, then spoke to the TU group in Clayton. Nice guys. They have good fishing there too. Am headed north in the morning for South River in VA and the VA Wine and Fly thingie in Waynesboro there. Kinda excited about the acceptance of opening mixing alcohol and trout fishing. I have a new 10 Sage Euro Nympher I will probably break on this trip. Hopely I will get to fish with it before I land my fat arse atop it.
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