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Fortunately for me I am not nearly as dumb as I may look, and I had hidden nearly 5 lbs of steak and 2 lbs of charcoal in my 21 year old son’s backpack, since he was too strong too know the difference, unlike my old weak *** self. And I had also hidden “several” mason jars in Bernard’s unsuspecting back pack as well, okay he was smart enough to know what I was doing but likes shine well enough he didn’t really care either. Short answer was we were all gathered unharmed, telling “fishing” stories around the campfire as we smelled the steaks grilling and as we watched the sun set across one of the most poetic and expressive scenes I have ever had the pleasure of witnessing.

We had been blessed in that a tree had recently crashed to the earth right in the middle of our campsite and our beloved national forest rangers had chopped it up and left copious amounts of fire wood stacked right next to our fire circle. The bad news which always comes with good news like this was that it was a green as Oliver and Linda Douglas from “Green Acres”. We had trouble getting it lit but eventually prevailed as these photos will attest.

But eventually some huffing and puffing and hot winded fisherman managed to get it going

The fire eventually was warm and comforting which lead to some cigar consumption, and some shine consumption, and some late night discussions of what we all wanted to be when we grew up and what the design of a successful “bar stool racer” should look like. I would love to tell you these discussions helped my 21 year old son mature and grow as a productive adult in main stream society, but I don’t like to lie no matter how much the truth may incriminate me. And at the same time I remembered listening to the drunken ramblings of my Father’s friend at various fishing events over the years and realized that 21 year old Drew isn’t in any more danger of being corrupted than any of us and in fact ****, he may even have corrupted a few of us with his wild *** ways. And all the while we had a backdrop of a river running wild, free and unchecked just yards from our campfire and I am pretty sure that means life was good… … very good.

The night slept cold and hard but I have to admit I didn’t really feel it and awoke refreshed and relaxed knowing I had another full day or so of fishing still to come. The morning scenery was beyond anything I can describe so I will simply attach the pictures and let you take it from there.

From there you just knew the day had to get better. And it did. We split the fishing up among three groups again and once again the younger guys were nice enough to let the old farts have the easier upstream water. It is nice to be an old *** dude with nice friends, sometimes. But everyone found water worth fishing and worth taking pictures of. One of the coolest was a scene so wonderful that the photographer couldn’t help snapping a picture of another photographer trying to snap the same picture form a different angle, for those of you with enough patients to study the photograph below. But no matter how these shots were snapped the results were far too pretty not to be shared.

And believe it or not amidst such spectacular scenery there was some fishing that was still done. We love our scenery but at the same time we are going to keep on fishing, hopefully being smart enough to admire what is around us… … but fishing none the less.

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