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And somehow with all of that fishing going on…. …. Even with as many of us ****ty fly fishermen as were gathered on this small section of stream… … fish were caught… … small fish … .. but still beautiful if small fish.

And last but certainly not the lest, the biggest thing hooked on this whole fishing trip, Drew hooked on Drew … …

With that said it was a fantastic day of fishing, in fact it may have been one of the greatest days of fishing I have ever had in my entire life, the catching wasn’t all that good, but **** the fishing was beyond compare between scenery challenge and beauty……….. it was as good as I can imagine and with fishing like that catching is an unnecessary after thought.

We ended up gathered back at a campfire that burned hotter and easier than the night before. We shared a few choice cigars some of which were legal in this country and others well maybe not. We ate those hot water creations of culinary delightful creation and of sensory gratification, well maybe not so much, those wonderful concoctions that we call hiker or backpacking meals. We managed to break out another round of cigars and shine, well maybe that was pie shine laced with straight shine, but don’t tell Jermz that, just in time for the last rays of sunset to settle over our little valley paradise.

Night time found us Drun … I mean mellow and content … sitting and listening to any one of 21,000 songs on my IPOD, with a backdrop of a rolling roaring river which is a perfect backdrop to any man made noise. And just because inquiring minds want to know we didn’t ever decide if Hendrix was better than Led or if Drive By could beat the Doors or if Guy Clark kicks Robert Earl or Ray Wylie could knock the **** out of Jerry Jeff … … and I doubt those really meaningful deep philosophical questions can ever be answered but Dang, I hope I have a full bottle of bourbon or shine, a river in the background and a camp fire to keep me warm where ever they may be debated cause I dang sure have an opinion and I dang sure want to shout out my opinion and drown all of the dissenting opinions out. I witnessed a friend making sure the bear pole was strong enough to stand up on its own without his help, an old man fade to darkness while bitching about being old, another old friend just fade to darkness in the space of one laugh to snoring and finally realizing that me passing out by the fire in front of my young son would probably cause more trauma than leaving him in the grasp of the late night team’s warped and changing view point of the world. So I said good night while I was still awake enough to enjoy the moonlight through the tent and the opportunity to fade into a deep and untroubled blissful sleep while listening to a rushing rambling stream a few hundred yards from my pillow.

I woke up the next morning to a soft light filtering into the tent and the sounds of a river and the birds warming my soul. I had no idea what time it was and to be honest I didn’t really care. I climbed out of the tent thinking of fishing but sore muscles screamed at the movement and thoughts of fishing soon morphed into thoughts of surviving the hike out. It seems I wasn’t alone in these fears as nearly everyone when presented with an opportunity decided to hit the hike out sooner than later and head up the mountain. I must admit I felt the normal melancholy as I rolled up my sleeping pad and folded my tent, wishing I could spend several more days in the is river valley paradise but as always a shower and soft warm bed were beginning to call from the dark recesses of my subconscious brain. Those of us who are truly hooked on the back country, have our psyche war continually on the joys of the natural world with the comforts of the civilized world…. … and in fact the civilized world wins for the majority of the time even though we truly enjoy our interludes into the wild woods. No matter we soon found ourselves posing for last minute pictures that would serve to frame this whole trip and provide a framework for memories when we returned to a civilization that couldn’t fully comprehend the majesty of this river and this valley.

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