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This is a shot of me and my oldest friend, which I would love to tell you relates to the age of the relationship not the age of the man …. … but we already established I hate to lie… … but he is a good friend

And here is a picture of my favorite person in the whole world, well maybe tied for first… …. And yes Drew looks pretty good as well.

All in all, it was one of the best fishing trip I have ever been privileged to be on…. …. The catching may have been lacking but the fishing was epic. The last pictures of this verbal data dump shows it all potentially better than I can explain… …

Two shots of a group of good friends who are now better friends … ... And I am confident that all of us will always remember spring break “FORKFEST 13” with fond memories

The shot that I think sums this trip up perfectly is shot that shows a bottle left in the crook of a branch deep in the woods for the spirits that many of us believe haunt the coves and hollows of our “southern highlands” backwoods. When I first saw this picture, which was after the fact, due to the fact that I was a full 2 miles behind him in a 3.1 mile hike, I asked my friend if he tasted the liquid obviously still remaining in the mason jar and he wisely said that he was afraid to check, as he felt the mountain spirits had been given their due by a passing traveler many years previously and those rewards had been left in the bottle as an offering left as thanks for the wonders we had just seen which were substantial. And as much as my civilized brain wanted to argue, I knew he was right to respect the spirits of the hollows and coves…. We were in fact visitors in their world… … and in the end we all were grateful to have been allowed to spend a weekend cradled in the hollows that define the home of the Great Smoky Mountain National Park… … and while the catching was limited we all agreed the fishing was as wonderful as any of us could remember which meant an offering to the gods of the coves and hollows would be not only necessary but also potentially required.

Dick Davis

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