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Originally Posted by MadisonBoats View Post
The suspect BWOs I found; was a year to two ago. However; I will keep my eye out and be sure and seine that area really good to get some samples to share. Maybe; they are just a unique variation of the typical sulphur...? But, I will try and find one to share and help us all learn more about the Clinch and nature.

BTW; I about got Turkey Bombed by two huge turkeys Saturday. Flew right over me at about 10 feet. They were beautiful birds!

On a separate point; there must be tons of stocker brown trout in the river. I have caught many small browns that have spectacular color and fin shape.
I have seen Sulphurs over the years that have an olive tint to them, but have never seen a true BWO. It wouldn't surprise me if there weren't some around, and I would love to see them if you or anyone else gets a chance to snap a pic.

Watch out for the turkeys, they may mistake you for me and try to drown you in order to save their species
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