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Originally Posted by bigsur View Post
I fished the Church last night between 6pm & 8pm, saw no hatches and a few rises. Caught a total of two on a dropper at diffrent times, sulpher parachute 18 on top and black zebra 20, I had tied on bottom. First fish was on zebra nice size, second fish was small but hit the top fly which suprised me due to I had parachute on mainly for sight in flat light and did not expect a hit on it. The key for me on the Clinch is long long leaders and tippet and work that retrieve like Madison always says and I add some wiggle as I think he suggests also. It has only taken me a year of solid fishing the Clinch weekly to become a pitiful barely profcient fly fisherman who spends to much time and money on the Clinch!

Bigsur, I am glad you are having fun and enjoying yourself. I recommend you always keep an open mind and listen to all who are willing to give you tips. Next time; try tight lining a large midge with some hackle or a soft hackle fly. Cast out above a seam; let the line drift tight. Then slow bump; do not retreive the fly until the drift plays out. Then; slow bump retreive at a varied pace. Also; this works great even if you have not let your drift play out-especially when throwing across the river. If you see me on the river; give me a shout and I will share you some flies.

Originally Posted by Corbo View Post

The Clinch can be a tough river for certain.... particularly the zebra midge business. The other day I used 6.5 X at the Church in the afternoon and couldn't buy a fish. There were a bunch of "midge balls" going past me and I might have tried a Griffith's knat.

Seems I will be "tweaking" flies for the Clinch forever as Shawn & Beto keep finding "new" bugs and new "forms" of them.

Check out Shawn's underwater bug & trout videos on YouTube; they have made me "think" differently about trout behavior...
Thanks Richard. I have tons off new videos to add. Just need to edit some of the videos. Also; I have a new aerial tripod that extends to 12'. I hope to get some different perspective videos this year.

Originally Posted by waterwolf View Post
Next time your out try and snap a few pics of the BWO's. I know the TVA benthic crew would love to document them because they have never been able to find any in the system. I have seen a handful of iso over the years, a few quill gordons eons ago, hex in the summer, but never have seen a baetis
I have quite a varied collection of bugs in my own catalog and I started creating a Google Map with data and dates of the samples. Part of it is on my Facebook - Clinch River, TN page. I hope to add more photos and samples from others who are willing to contribute and share. Hopefully; it will help bring more positive attention to our great natural resource and promote conservation in keeping it clean and natural.
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