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I have several rods from a 6'6" 2 wt to a 9' 5 wt. To echo the above, my 8' 4 wt is my go to rod almost always. Doesn't miss a beat on the smaller water (Porters Branch, Gee Creek, Meadows Branch, Sycamore Creek). Same rod just yesterday was able to roll cast a sz 8 muddler across the MPLR just above the turn off to Elkmont. Versatile rod length / weight. It is the troutbum model which was rated as a mid flex superfine. It rated a 6 on the flex index, so just barely mid flex, my two other full flex superfines rate at 5.5. Pretty sure the newer SF Touch 8' 4 wt is slowed up a "touch" but am sure it will perform as above.

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