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Originally Posted by Joe Congleton View Post
Fwiw --/before myths about Clinch tailwater mayfly species get completely out of hand l strongly suggest you capture and place in a vial some of the male spinners of the suspected species you think you are identifying correctly and take them to a trained entomologist to ID. The foremost Clinch expert lives in Norris and would like to see what you are finding. Pm me for his contact info if u want it. ID ing these species is not amateur stuff. The expert tells me one would have to have "keyed out" under magnification hundreds of specimens in the past to properly ID subspecies by naked eye. Even then naked eye ID is a crap shoot. I would suspect accuracy is a goal worth the trouble to pursue. Or at least it should be ,so that baseline data for the river is accurate and not perpetuated as internet BS.
I am no expert and I agree that entomology is an extremely delicate science in keying species. So; I ordered one of the best digital microscopes I could find last weekend in capturing detailed photos to assist with this process. Also; I think it will take nice pictures of small flies.

I have three-different entomologists that have contacted me from various universities and plan on assisting me with keying sample requests. Hopefully, I may find some new species on the Clinch if I am lucky.

Also; I know John and he is a great man and fly fisherman. I have great respect for his opinion and reputation.
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