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DK is spot on. It really is all opinions based on personal preference. Find a fly shop like LRO and try out some rods to form your own opinion on what you like. Since we are talking opinions, I love my 8'9" finesse rods in the mountains which have a nice 'soft' mid flex. Don't get too caught up on flex, just see what feels right.

Now, rod length is a whole different can of worms. If you feel that you need a small rod to fish the streams in the smokies then go ahead and do it... I don't but that is my preference. I prefer to put some distance between me and the fish, keep good control on my line, execute flawless drifts and ultimately put more fish in the net. Just my opinion on rod length...

Originally Posted by dwardmba View Post
It is the troutbum model which was rated as a mid flex superfine. It rated a 6 on the flex index, so just barely mid flex, my two other full flex superfines rate at 5.5. Pretty sure the newer SF Touch 8' 4 wt is slowed up a "touch" but am sure it will perform as above.
Make sure not to generalize Orvis rod flex ratings as they are not consistent from one rod to another. The SFT 8' 4wt. is indeed a nice little rod but again, best advice is to actually cast them to see how they feel as opposed to one's flex rating.

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