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Joe C.

After 45 years fly fishing for trout (North to now South and a lot of in-between) I have noticed regional color variations in mayflies that lead me to believe in "sub-species" etc.

Caddis seem to be universally tan, brown, olivy or black.... simple enough for me.

For the most part I just try to match the hatch from the bottom up and not care too much on the LATIN STUFF. lol

Perhaps a quaestion... How is it that the Sulphur hatch on the SOHO is wicked awesome and lasts for months BUT it is a much more sparse hatch of shorter duration on the Clinch.

Also the Holston below Cherokee has a fairly decent caddis hatch that is less than wicked awesome but decent enough and the Clinch has only a sparse caddis hatch.

Lastly is it at all possible to "STOCK BUGS"? If so; how is this accomplished?

One last thought... what about MORE NUTRIENT? Could it be the SOHO has more nutrient and this is why the awesome sulphurs? Maybe we need to add a bunch of horse turd to the Clinch?


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