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Originally Posted by Corbo View Post
Joe C.

Perhaps a quaestion... How is it that the Sulphur hatch on the SOHO is wicked awesome and lasts for months BUT it is a much more sparse hatch of shorter duration on the Clinch.

Also the Holston below Cherokee has a fairly decent caddis hatch that is less than wicked awesome but decent enough and the Clinch has only a sparse caddis hatch.

Lastly is it at all possible to "STOCK BUGS"? If so; how is this accomplished?

One last thought... what about MORE NUTRIENT? Could it be the SOHO has more nutrient and this is why the awesome sulphurs? Maybe we need to add a bunch of horse turd to the Clinch?


There is a ton that goes into why certain bugs live in certain rivers yet don't exist in others that appear similar.

The SOUTH HOLSTON has a different substrate than the clinch which allows for it to have Baetis, however the Clinch historically has just has big a Sulphur hatch as the SOUTH HOLSTON. It may last a shorter period of time, or be timed different, but I have seen a ton of hatches on the Clinch which covered the river bank to bank with adults, and it looked like it was reverse snowing yellow bugs. The Clinch is subjected to much higher flows which could cause fluctuations in hatch strength from year to year.

The Holston below cherokee has strong caddis because of the substrate being a lot of round rock and warmer water temps which seem to make caddis thrive.

I am not bug expert by any means, but stating the Clinch has a small and sparse Sulphur hatch makes this conversation almost a non starter. The Clinch has never had a great caddis population, other than the tiny black ones which hatch late summer.
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