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To reattach the felt sole, make a trip to Lowe's and purchase a can of contact cement and make sure to buy the "gel" and not the liquid form. It is important to make sure it is not the water based material, you must get the solvent based material. While you are there, buy one of those cheepo foreign made paint brushes, they cost about a buck, you will just toss it after you use it to apply the cement.

Clean both surfaces as good as possible removing as much debris as possible. A wire brush is best, you do not want to use water, both surfaces must be absolutely dry. Apply the gel generously to both surfaces, make sure to coat them well. Let both surfaces tach up, you want to make sure the solvent flashes off before you apply the felt to the boot. Once it has flashed off and it both surfaces are tachy to the touch, not wet and not dry, it is time to apply the two together. Line the front or the rear up and work your way to the other end, applying as much pressure as possible at the point of contact as you are applying, use a blunt object to apply the point of contact pressure as necessary. Go over the surface a couple of time with the pressure object, your sole is now ready for use.
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