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Originally Posted by Corbo View Post
Well; the SOHO sulphur hatches often last into December some years and the hatch is pretty well reliable day in and day out regardless of flow... one can pretty well expect dry fly action more often than not...

The Clinch by comparison is a nymphing river more often than not.... when it's on for sulhurs it's awesome no doubt but I show up expecting to fish wet, not dry.

To date I have never experienced a caddis hatch on the Holston that could be described as "strong" compared to so many other rivers I have fished...

As to "substrate" I would say the SOHO has more snot and this might acoount for more bugs.
The SOUTH HOLSTON does have a great Sulphur hatch, but saying the SOUTH HOLSTON has sulphurs through December might be a stretch. I have seen them into September there but not much later than that.

Starting in a week or so, every afternoon on the Clinch the Sulphurs will hatch and you can fish dries, some days the hatch will be very strong others not so much. It has been that way for decades now. As I said in my earlier post as far back as I can remember (mid 80's) we have been fishing heavy Sulphur hatches on the Clinch in May. If all you find is sporadic hatches maybe it is the stretch of river you frequent, and not the river in its entirety.

I have seen Caddis hatches on the Holston that would be considered pretty dang heavy for an eastern tailwater, nothing like the western rivers see, but enough bugs that every fish in the river is up eating caddis and the number of bugs becomes a nuisance. Those hatches have dropped off in intensity over the past few years, and my reasoning is that at first it was a food base that was not utilized before trout were introduced. Now they are preyed on heavily which may have had an impact on overall numbers of bugs.
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