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Thanks gang!

Sunday morning and I just put the WELD-WOOD solvent based contact cement to the rubber and felt after an extremely aggressive wire brushing to both surfaces.

Pounded the sole onto the rubber with a hammer but as the edges started to lift apart I clamped down on the edges with six sets of Quick-Grip clamps.

Funny thing is I went to the Depot to get contact cement and realized I had a quart of it in my work trailer... duh... Use the stuff from time to time applying "transitions" when I install laminate flooring for the Big Orange Box and it works great.

BTW.. I install tile on floors, backsplashes and throughout bathrooms and do a wicked awesome job; also hardwood... (small "plug" if any of you need a hand with a project) LOL

Will leave clamped for at least three days... by then hopefully the rivers will clear of mud and debris and I get them wet.

I really love these shoes and hope this works.

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