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Talking Continued

Well the fishing wasn't great but the scenery was awesome, then all of the sudden went completely flat. I went into ultra stealth mode and picked up one or two in the next hour, but I was working far too hard for Springtime. Then I saw some splashed water ahead of me. The ghost of Turkey George might just be upstream. Then it got much worse, a WET BOOTPRINT
As I continued to work upstream my fears of a run in with the ghost of Turkey George subsided as I caught up to the other fisherman ahead of me. He was a nice guy who almost immediately told me to take the fresh water from here as he had told himself that morning he wanted to catch 32 and had just caught 32 and was done for the day. I told him I'd be happy to walk way upstream and let him keep fishing. After a comment about we both thought how unlikely 2 fisherman would run into one another out here we headed back to the trail. I immediately started picking up fish and soon was at the confluence of Lost Bottom.

I worked several hundred more yards of stream then decided to hike back to camp. Enjoyed some trillium on the way back.

When we got to camp we realaxed, drank some of my homemade Pinot Noir, and feasted on filet mignon grilled on my new titanium grill (1.15 oz) as well as some loaded mash potatoes with real buttter bacon and freshly grated cheese. Had some pretzel rolls wrapped in foil and toated them to perfection. It's my opinion Mountain House has no place in my campsite

It sprinkled a bit through the night, but probably not more than a 1/4 inch, and the hemlocks still had dry ground beneath them. While i forgot to protect the firewood from the rain, it didn't take too much to get it going again. I sat and enjoyed a cup of coffee by the fire as Trey slept in. Once he woke up it had that feel like it was gonna get nasty as we packed up out campsite before it got bad

As we hiked down the trail to fish there was a mysterious egg in the trail

Maybe you country boys can help this city slicker identify it. Not sure if it was a goose egg brought in by a horse person and discarded, or if indeed it was from a Smokies bird. Here is Trey posing with the egg for scale

It wasn't too long before we hit the water as the rain set in

Will continue again
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