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Originally Posted by $3Bridge View Post
Been emailing back and forth with son-in-law this morning. He wants to go where the best opportunity is to catch and keep fish (I will have to work on his conservation / catch and release ethic a bit), as he wants to take a few fish back to the cabin to cook. So since that is what he wants to do, we will do Gatlinburg together, as I would never keep a native park fish.

So all that being said and narrowed down, best spots recommended for in the city fishing? Hey, at least my wife and daughter will be happy that they can drop us off and pick us up.
The only fish 'native' to the park are the brookies... and even in the most pressured streams, most of the trout are overpopulated - leading to smaller fish size, stress on resources, which can lead to a bigger problem than someone keeping a few from in the park.

Someone help me out with the average? 3000 trout/river mile? Even if he keeps a limit of 5 (which in the first time flyfishing isn't too likely) he won't even make a dent in that.

But to each his own.
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