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If he wants to keep some fish don't keep the would know what I mean if you ever cleaned one next to a wild fish...The problem with the Park's freestone streams is that they are not fertile enough to sustain a large population of insect life which means there is only a finite amount of food for the trout....just like a farm pond...if you don't harvest some of the fish all you get are stunted fish and lots of them. Play catch and release if you must but release them into the the lower section of Roaring Fork...use a parachute adams or a neversink caddis...once you commit to this section you either fish to the bridge or walk back downstream...some of the water in there will amaze you...once had a local tell me the best fly to use there was a yallarhammar wet will catch a lot of keepers in the 7-8 inch range with occasionally something bigger....keep the small ones, dust them in cornmeal and fry them up crispy....ear them like corn on the cob....won't be so quick to throw them all back after that.
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