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Originally Posted by ruggerfly View Post
Just looking for opinions about TFO BVK & Professional 8-9 wt rods (8--9 ft). I typically like a more medium action rod, but I am willing to listen to all opinions (I'll cast before buying--I'll use it for salmon, striper, & reds). Price is not a big factor (so if there is another brand you really like, then list it). Just wanting a new rod for larger fish.
I will start by saying that I like TFO rods and actually own several. However, I would not recommend either rod you mentioned for chasing species like salmon and stripers. As others have suggested, the TiCrX is a much better option although it can get rather heavy in an 8wt or 9wt. I was actually just talking with Rick Pope this weekend and he was showing me the new Mangrove series rods. The 8wt is really light and built with the same TiCrX toughness. I'd describe it as a faster medium flex/almost full tip flex. It sure can lay out some line though. Would be great for reds as well! Might want to have a look...

Now, my salmon rod of choice that can deal with whatever punishment you throw at it, is the Echo Ion. I fully endorse this rod when chasing fish that are known for their rod breaking power like salmon, stripers and tarpon. Might really want to have a look at one of these...

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