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Post Mayflies in May on The Clinch River!

Mayflies in May on The Clinch River!
  • Air Temp: 59 Deg.
  • Water Temp. 47.5 Deg start-49 Deg finish
  • Clarity: Clear with pollen film on the surface
  • Conditions: Spotty rain showers
  • Hatch: Medium Sized Crane Flies and Mayflies
I figured I would start a topic about the mayfly hatch on the Clinch this year. Hopefully; it will be an interesting year with the fluctuations in the water levels a few weeks ago.

Fished the lower portion of the Clinch Tailwater on Saturday, May 4. There were a few mayfly adults floating by from 9am-noon. From noon until about 3pm was a steady and consistent hatch of adult mayflies (density:~1 every ten feet).

The fish were very active and taking emergent and dry mayflies from about 1pm until 3pm. Unfortunately; the water release had caught up to me and I was water logged from the rain. So; I called it a day.

I tried to get some photos of the mayflies on the water; however, it was difficult to distinguish them from the rain drops.

I am looking for a crane fly larva pattern that would mimic the one in the photo below. Please share if you have one.

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