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I floated the Holston yesterday from the dam to Indian Cave. For those that don’t know….that is a long, long trip. We put in at about 9:00 and didn’t get to Indian Cave until 5:00. We caught a few fish, and they were seemingly fat and healthy, but nothing to brag about. The fish didn’t seem interested in feeding until later in the day. I suspect that with the front moving in and the wind, they weren’t that active. We didn’t see a rise until 2:00. The wind made it tough all day, not only casting but controlling the boat as well. However, it was a heck of a lot better than sitting at home.

I was going to include a picture with this post, but I don’t have permission to (perhaps because of my low post count). Anyway, the trout seemed to be keyed in on about a size 14 yellowish crane fly, much like Shawn has pictured above. I’ve looked around for a pattern and can’t seem to find one that looks easy. I’m thinking of adding some yellow chenille and tapering off the end for a body, then adding some pheasant tail fibers with a knot on each for legs. Perhaps some blue dun wings and some hackle too. That’s about the best I can think up.

I keep a paint strainer in my tackle box and slip it over my landing net. It’s really nice to be able to catch a few bugs in it and the white makes it easy to see them. I saw a few small, tan caddis out there too.

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