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Originally Posted by Stonefly View Post
I've used this larger version of the Sawyer's Killer Bug for a crane fly larva. steve
Originally Posted by cbpedigo21 View Post
I have used both of these patterns with success before, the second link is an easier pattern to tie and seems to be just as effective. Tie them in sizes/colors to match the ones where you fish. This is the key, because they seem to vary in color and size, even in different parts of the same river.

Thanks Fellas for taking the time to share this information and to help me with creating a pattern to dial in the current crane flies on the Clinch.

  • I think I will create a larva pattern with light cord wrap and add an orange butt. Then; lightly wrap the cord with a sparse amount of dubbing.

I will post a picture if I get a chance to tie one up tonight.

Appreciate the comradery of all who take the time to share and teach.
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