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Originally Posted by Grannyknot View Post
You're right about that. I can only remember one time in High School that they spilled water. It was like a once in a lifetime experience, so we went down to the old shooting range access and watched it.

One thing that is different these days is the number of upscale boat docks on the lake that TVA seems to pander to when it comes to water levels. I don't know if they care about high water levels, except that maybe it gets into their parking lots & bottlenecks the tops of the boat ramps, but they sure do bitch & complain when the water gets low and they have to start shuttleing houseboats out to the main channel.

That has nothing to do with it, once the lake tops 1020 it is moving into dangerous ground and is technically at flood stage. TVA set those parameters years ago and they will usually always cut it loose when the lake gets north of that mark.

They keep it higher in the winter now, and that may be a result of the boat docks etc, they have never explained and I personally believe this is why we see regular flooding events on the river.

As I said TVA needs to seriously rethink their approach to water management. Something has changed, and it has nothing to do with global warming/climate change as some might suggest. Last I checked the glaciers in the Clinch watershed disappeared a while back
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