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Talking Continued

I was about to be caught up where Vic and Freddie started fishing when I landed this beauty. I showed Freddie a pic on the trail, and he said I call that "Orange and Butter".

I still managed to pick up a few once I got to the stale water, and it wasn't too long till I caught up to Vic hung up in the Rhodo. I tried to assure him that this was just part of the Smokies learning curve, but I can remember how frustating it is when you first learn to deal with Smokies conditions

I caught up to Freddie who was also having a good day. The 3 of us continued upstream alternating the better pools between the three of us.

The vertical view

Then we hit what I perceived to be an island. Freddie and Vic went left, I went right. I fished for several hundred yards, and it still felt like an island so I continued. I was picking up some nice fish.

I went another few hundred yard and the bend toward to other river allowed me to fool myself into still thinking it was still an island.

I pushed on further and in every nice pool there was a great fish to distract me.

Then you come to the realization that is may just not be an island, but this guy makes you want to ignore that and keep fishing

While the fishing was great and I didn't want to stop it was now 2 PM (The time the rain was supposed to set in), and I was separated from my fishing buddies. I turned on my GPS and was a bit surprised when it showed my not on a stream and heading straight up the mountain. Time to climb back down. Nothing like downstream walking that makes realize how much ground one can cover in a short period of time. As I got near the bottom I was it was only a short stretch through some really thick rhodo to jump over to the correct stream. Glad to be on the right stream I now had to find Freddie and Vic. After some hooting and hollering I was able to get a good idea of general area, and ten or so minutes later we were all united for the hike out. I snapped a few flower shots and we ended our day.

So if you ever are on a great commonly overlooked brookie stream, go right at an island and find out you are lost. Your not lost you just found Crockett Creek
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