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Originally Posted by Thunderhead8 View Post
Great Pictures of beautiful fish and gorgeous country!! Just curious, after you took that right and fished it, how did you learn the name of the creek? Also, gotta wonder how many other little streams there are like that up in those mountains
As for the name of the creek, I forgot a critical detail to the story. Until about a year or so ago there was an off-trail smokies fourm that has proved to be a wealth of information. Adam Beal (Crockett on this fourm) was responding to a post about places in the Smokies where the topo maps are just wrong and told his story of doing the same thing fishing and throwing him for a loop Just as I grabbed my GPS, I remembered his post and figured out what I had done

While the real name isn't Crockett creek, I will give you a hint. If you look at a 1931 park map it has the creek correctly located (Joe Fred would probably know), but all newer maps just seem to be wrong

Thanks for others kind replies
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