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Originally Posted by Thunderhead8 View Post
... A man has to wonder how satellite and GPS can't give us more accurate cartography.
The Park's dense landcover has precluded there being more stream detail via satellite imagery and, back in the day, aerial photography. This has hampered there being good custom GPS maps and most, if not all, commercial printed maps have been designed on the basis of the TVA/USGS quads developed beginning in the 40s. Most of the quads, with the exception of some extending outside the park boundary (like the north half of the one titled Gatlinburg for example) have remained essentially unchanged. You can purchase any of the 28 22" x 27" 7.5 minute topographic maps from, among other sources, the Park store at Sugarlands and online. More recently USGS digitally scanned the originals, warts and all... as in the case of the illusive Crockett Creek . These are available free as digital raster graphic (DRG) files within the sets: and More recently the quads became available as GeoPDFs viewable with full features with TerraGo Toolbar®, a free plug-in for Adobe® Reader®. For the GeoPDFs, go to and click "Map Locator & Download."

I learned, primarily from the forum CartoTalk how to, as Jim Casada neatly described it, "cobble together maps" using the DRGs, MRLC Consortium Viewer and shareware. If anyone wants to dabble in this craziness, I can perhaps assist you. Feel free to drop me a line at fredturner at saintclairmapping dot com.

Snipped from the Gatlinburg quad.

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