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IMO, Chart. green is by far the best color for bass then black, yellow and then white are my favorites.White seems to be very good for largemouth. I've tried orange but only caught bream or rockbass. never tried pink or purple or blue.
I have recently been tying olive with black /silver legs for cicada imitations.
waiting on a chance to test them.
I tie mostly with yellow legs and put red tips on the ends, but like coral snake banned and yellow /black banned, and black /silver banned.
Bass do often take them deep. not sure if a larger hook will help but worth a try. I do tie some of my bigger stealths on a size 1 mustad 3366 hook.
Fished Friday evening and caught well over 50 bass on a size 8 chart green stealth tied with yellow legs with red tips. most were between 12 and 15 inches on my 3wt.

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