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Default My addition

My wife is in Ireland with a group of her girlfriends right now, so let me pour myself a Guinness and continue on with the post.

I don't really have a lot more to add but I will post my pictures.

I'd had some reoccurring car issues on my way to LRO and was running later than I had wanted to, so I intended to make up for lost time by hauling arse up the trail. We took our only break about 2.5 miles up the trail. There just happened to be a friendly couple there that were kind enough to take our picture.

We got camp set-up and ate lunch.

Rule #1; take a picture of the river before you start fishing. If the fishing is good, you might not stop to do it later.

Rule #2; always take a picture of the first fish you catch. It might be your only one and without it, a fishing report turns into a "walking with your fishing pole" report. Maybe this should be rule #1??

The river looked awesome.

Travis working a run.

One of my better rainbows.

This was my only brook trout. Travis caught several, but I only managed this one solitary brookie.

I also caught a brown, completing my slam, but failed to get a picture of it. At least Travis saw it and can confirm that I did have one. I don't always tell the truth when it comes to fishing.

We will be doing this again in the near future. I still owe Travis some backcountry fees, so the next trip is on me. I hope you enjoyed our little trip.

My posts are worthless without pictures
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