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Even a few wild iris were still blooming

As you top the hill the grove of Big Poplars come into view

The boys enjoyed checking out every hole

Thomas checked out the biggest tree while Sam tortured his friend the big ant

It was a long way to the top

Shot my wife hates, but is only shot of my twins at the Twin Poplars. Glad she doesn't read fishing fourms

Nice to be in places never raped by man

First snake of the trip. About 4 feet long. Not sure if it was a regular black snakes or a black racer. He let us pass and stayed still.

The boys were cool and watched from a safe distance. In a few more minutes I saw this guy after my dog just walked over him.

This guy was maybe 20 inches long. I grabbed his tail, and he shoy off in the direction of my wife. One of us thought that was very funny

Went back to the cabin. Rigged up some 4 X with a nymph and a troutbobber. I had bought these many years ago and this was the first time I used one. The water was swift the day before but now was higher and pretty stained

I fished for 30 minutes with no luck, and headed back to the cabin
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