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Default Slow but fun

The FFF deal in western NC was nice. The turn out was not stellar, but the Ramsey Centers at the college is a first class venue. I think they are having it there again next year. I was pleased to see Dave Ezell, Mike Bryant, Steve Moore and couple others from our neck of the woods there. Ian and Charity Rutter, Jim Casada and STM were on the main street isle of the show within rubber shooting distance of each other. I had dinner with Jim Friday night, and Ian, Charity and children Satuday night. I suppose it was a sort of a moonshiner makers reunion. I think about half of the contributors to STM were there; Jimmy Jacobs, Bob Borgwait, Bill Bernhart, Ron Gaddy, and Matt Green. I darn near ran out of cigars, but I picked up a couple smokes too---so thankie!!

It appears fishing on the other side of the mountain is like on the TN; overly blessed with water--up 10-inches for year right now. "Water water every where, but not a slow pool to drift...."

The average of we there seeming to getting older. At 60 years old, I was probably a tad on the younger side, which is a little disturbing. I think fly fishing in the South is well represented by a lot of young guns. However, I also believe that young guns are a bit like us oldsters in "the day..." Like us when we were 20-30 years old, we were fishing in May, not going to some ****ed fishing show. Sooner or later though, they will slow and make the show...
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