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Originally Posted by fourx View Post
I would classify my hatch as "Big".
I was fishing very, very, low on the river.
I had a super early spring down there but those trout seemed to have gone somewhere.

I went about a 1/2 mile upstream and didn't see as many bugs.
So, I reckon the full blown hatches are just starting and will move upriver soon.
The river, too me, looked awesome! Large patches of grass and a nice clean bottom.
I could give a rat's behind about catching these stupid,crappy,snaky,colorless,worthless,benign,par asitic,lily-livered stockers though!
Stock em at 4"!

Glad you had a nice day, and I wasn't doubting your report just stating how it was for me. Hope you also enjoy the crowds who are undoubtedly aware now because of your report. Time for me to vanish to lesser spoken of places. I can't handle swarms of people anymore, it was nice this weekend with relatively few on the river.

Hope things continue to go well!
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