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Originally Posted by ChemEAngler View Post
I share your thoughts Rodney. I only fished it three times last year, and even gave up on my property access this year. Had a few run-ins with people with very poor fishing etiquette, and found that I was focusing too much exclusively on the Clinch. Gone were the days of chasing fish on the Holston, South Holston, Hiwassee, Caney Fork, Watauga, and in the park... I am hoping to get back to that this year.

What was an uncrowded river this past weekend has turned into an unmitigated zoo in a matter of days. I understand you and Rod's sentiments perfectly, and the crowds drove me from the Clinch years ago, I still sneak back from time to time, but it is usually before the crowds begin after everyone starts spreading the word.

The time has come to vanish for the summer, thankfully there are other places and species which get far less attention. Or should I say that those who chase those species in those places keeps a very low profile to protect the sanctuaries that remain.

I can share the water with other fly fisherman generally, and had a good time visiting today with some old friends I hadn't seen in a while, but the spillage of intel attracts a much more unsavory river guest, those who kill with no regard for etiquette, limits, or ethics in general.
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