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Originally Posted by MadisonBoats View Post

I tend to disagree with your last statement. I believe most of the members on this forum are fly fisherman and they tend to be some of the most respectful people I meet on the river. It could be that the weir dam access is closed and all the fish mongers have migrated to other spaces. They seem to be most lacking in fishing etiquette, laws, regulations, etc.

The posters I know who post here are all great folks and not the people I am mentioning in my previous post. I would be happy to spend a day on the water with any of them, and have spent time on the water with most of them.

I am specifically speaking about the bait slingers, bucket brigade, and folks who use the river as a grocery store.

They read forums and when glowing reports start flowing it not only attracts hoards of fly fisherman it also attracts hoards of bait fisherman as well.

Just something to keep in mind before myself or anyone else decides to boast about how great the Clinch or any river is fishing.

As I said before, generally most fly fisherman are courteous and pleasant to be around on the river. The same cannot be said for the lower class of angler which we share the river with unfortunately.
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