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Originally Posted by old east tn boy View Post
My opinion, for what it's worth .....

Anybody who has fished the Clinch in any form or fashion with any regularity pretty much knows what to expect, where and when. My saying/sharing with others on this board that I had a good day in a certain location on the river should not be disclosing any big secret. I seriously doubt it has much influence at all whether more people head to the river.

So, this begs the question; why have a place to share this information? Does it promote business for the sponsor, LRO? To a certain extent, sure. Is that bad? **** no! Does it promote interest in fishing, fly or otherwise? Sure it does. Next time you are out fishing take a look around to see how many young people are enjoying the sport. From my personal experience, you are going to see far more white hair out there than 20 somethings. I am all for disconnecting as many kids as possible from their XBox to discover the great outdoors.

As Madison Boats points out, the river is a resource for all of us. Let's share it, take care of it, protect it and encourage others to do the same.
We have to share on here, you can't tell your wife or family, she thinks your at Lowes picking out paint for the bedroom! All kidding aside I agree with your mention above about the steadily aging fly fishing cadre on the river. I see the same thing whether on the river, TU meetings, or my Ski Patrol group in winter. I think this should be a burning issue for all of these groups for so many reasons, the passing of knowledge to those starting out, the continued conservation of our outdoors regardless of sports and support for the fly fishing organizations. Everyone of the younger set I have met on the rivers and streams have been very respectful and like me ask millions of questions of those we feel have the skills we are trying to acheive.( It only saddens me that after talking to me they look so disappointed, they soon find out not all old people are smart!) One of the curent Fly Fishing Federation magazines has a cover shot and a great article on an 18 year old casiting champion and in the interview he talks about the things that could help attract younger people to the sport. It also does not hurt that he looks like a young Brad Pitt, but he is the real deal with a family owned business and support for the sport. See ya on the river!

I added to this link to a fly fisherman mailing list that can be purchased for advertisers last updated in April ,2013 that shows average demographics in bottom left of article. They left out how many beers and lies told per year!;jsessionid=5A00FB4E22F2E8FA3FE2482E386B0B81 ?page=order/online/datacard&id=122064
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