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I understand everyone who has the opposite view from me, and you all make valid points as well.

**** I was in the business of sharing info for almost 10 years while working in the Creel and add on another 6 while I was guiding here in east tn. I know for certain I was largely responsible for dramatically increasing crowds on all of the areas rivers. Especially the Cumberland and Holston. Back in the day there was no one and I mean zero people from east tn fishing the Cumberland until Scott Rogers went up and discovered how amazing it was, naturally he informed me and others who were close and we started the snowball rolling. Same with the Holston I think Mike Bone and I were the first to float from Indian Cave to Nances in a drift boat and not a week later we were both guiding on that stretch.

As I have matured I enjoy peace and being places where I or the folks with me are the only ones around. The details of my days afield I generally only share with a handful of close friends or anyone obviously is with me.

I'm happy to help with any body who has questions about the river or how something is fishing, but I am not going to broadcast every trip report or every hot fishing I encounter. Just not my thing anymore, and in some ways I feel it is boastful, which should fit me perfectly since my ego can be rather large on occasion

So I get the other sides view and maybe my current views stem from having seen the negative aspects of spreading stories

Both the above mentioned are well known now of course, with the Cumberland virtually dead sadly.

And on the age of fly fisherman, if anyone thinks this sport is aging out they need to drive around campus, pick up a magazine, watch tv shows, surf the Internet, or just go to the river and see that there are more young folks doing this than ever before.
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