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As a 26 year old, I would put myself in the "younger" crowd. However, I have a great job and have both a Bachelors and Masters degree. As I recently posted on the Introduction forum, I am very new to the clinch and do not know a soul here to ask about river conditions except maybe the guys at 3RA. I check the forum multiple times a day and mostly, it is slow around here with information coming in on how the water is fishing. However, a simple google search or walking in to most outfitters or Bass Pro Shops, you can find a fishing report of some sort. It may not have the detail you could get here but you can get an idea.

I say that to say, this is the world as we know it today. Technology is playing a huge part in what we do and learn. I deer hunt, duck hunt, fly fish, and bass fish and I am a member of forums that is devoted to each of those. Some message boards have a specific forum for reports that is locked to only members and I'm sure some of you know, it is hard as heck to become a member of this board. I had to call LRO twice and finally got them to send me a PW. (That could be a solution.)

It would be nice every time I hit the woods or water, I was the only person out there with maybe a few other respectable people. This is my escape from the mainstream. However, the things that you older guys can teach and influence through your posts can really make an impact on how my generation carries themselves on the river. I am not telling you something you do not already know, but fly fishing is a league of its on. There will always be those assholes that have zero etiquette and respect for others.

Sorry, just my two cents.
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