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Originally Posted by Tippet View Post
Where do you see the Buffalo at? I primarily wade off of several private properties, and I know you have floated the river thousands of times. I have not had the luxury of seeing buffalo, and I love to hunt the buffalo on the fly these upcoming weeks.
I see the buffalo scattered all up and down the river, I usually don't fish very often above Peach Orchard, but from there all the way down I see them constantly while wading or floating. I wade at Coldwater and 3 miles below Coldwater primarily, and there are plenty in those areas. I usually see a few more carp the closer to 61 I get or close to the major creeks which flow into the river.

I have only accidently caught buffalo on a flies, and never on the Clinch. I have had them turn up on the Holston but never been able to get them to eat anything. Carp on the other hand, I have targeted and caught by the truckloads over the years.

How are you getting the Buffalo to eat? I have force fed them (snagged) but never cast to one and actually had it eat. They are vegetarians and I would love to know your secrets, as I have failed miserably in my pursuit.

Originally Posted by TylerG10 View Post
Waterwolf is probably spot on. I was between the bridge and the church.

It seems to be right at dark when they start moving. Could be the full moon as well. I know it plays a roll for largemouth moving off the beds.
I don't know what kicks off the river carpsucker spawn, but it happens every year down on the lower end. There will be times when the whole river is a thrashing mass of them, and they lay millions of eggs, which the trout have been known to key on from time to time

I saw a few yesterday around Coldwater, they weren't spawning but I would say they are starting their push and could easily be going down low.
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