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Okay; so now all makes sense Tyler and gang;

Last year on several occassions I saw gazillions of what Shawn thought were carp between the Po and the Church at many locations but they looked different than any carp I had ever seen.

The booklet of TN fishes put out by TWRA showed what I saw as Buffalo.

I can imagine they would be formidable on a five weight.

Looks like TVA is being GENEROUS to themselves today on the Clinch.

Have new waders to try out today so heading to Nance's Ferry on Holston as the two scheduled pulses will likely have no effect down that far.

Anyone want to tag along Tyler?

I will be the guy hobbling about with a wading staff... bad wreck; totalled my truck three saturdays ago in CT on way to Maine for brother's funeral. Back and foot totalled too... need a surgeon to fix my back.... anyone here a back surgeon?

Give me a ring... if you want to share the river with me today
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