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Originally Posted by waterwolf View Post
Shawn, I really am not negative about this stuff and hope everyone who spends time on the river has great success. There was a time when I generally didn't speak to others on the water unless I knew them. That has changed over the years and as I said earlier I had some great times this past week visiting with some folks on the river that I hadn't seen in years.

I find peace in remote places where many times the fish have only seen my flies. I don't do it out of bitterness towards others, I do it because I enjoy it. I primarily fish for other stuff than trout anymore simply because after 25 years on the Clinch with a bunch of those guiding I'm a little burned out on every aspect of trout fishing our tail waters.

I honestly will never get over my sentiments towards bait fisherman, way too many twra meetings attended listening to them rant for me to ever be able to move on. I know forgiveness is the right approach but this is so deep it will never go away.

I'm typing this from a hotel room in central North Carolina where I have spent all day catching monster grass carp on cicadas and even landed an 8 lb largemouth. We've not seen another fly fisherman and to me it doesn't get better than this. Nothing against others but this is what I enjoy at this stage of my career.

Fabulous! I truly can relate to the joy in your post! We all go through different phases of sporting in our lives. Most of these phases seem to be dictated by the availability and opportunity to experience them. I plan on hitting up the lakes this summer for some bash and walleye fishing. Also; I have never caught a carp on a fly rod. So; that is on my bucket list.

Have a good one up in the mountains! Watch out for the snakes. I almost stepped on one last weekend. It had me so skid-dish; that I saw snakes in every stick and branch for the rest of the day.
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