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On Animal Planet there is a program "North woods law" about game wardens in Maine where I lived for most of my life... the abuses of The Clinch fishery by bait hurlers would never happen in Maine. Trouble is that someone has to give a **** about enforcing the LAW and folks here seem to have little fear of getting busted.

I would wonder if TWRA could tell you how many tickets are writen each year on the Clinch below Norris? My bet is few.

Last time I saw any wardens was at Gator Pont on a saturday when there were a bunch of them hanging out on the dock listening to live music...

No doubt the Lakes are more a focus than tailwaters because they can cruise about in a boat instead o0f walking any distance wearing out shoe leather trying to bust a wormer over the li,it.

Slash a few tires if it makes you feel better; then call the warden to report the slashing... then the get caught over their limit.
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