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This pool was awesome minus the tree in the heart of the run

Mac felt up to the challenge and was rewarded

I wasn't doing too bad myself

While the fishing was good for me and Mac, for Colby the fishing was

Sneaky bastard creeping ahead of us

Colby's best rainbow of the day

Colby with his 10 7/8 prize fish of the day. A little skinny, but the biggest fish of the day (Don't let Mac tell you otherwise) for any of us

Mac was starting to wear out at this point. Tired and feeling defeated by his brother out fishing him, Mac needed to take a break

Pool after pool after pool. Boy I'm glad this place is remote or It would have MUCH more pressure

Colby was inspired by my earlier baptism and decided it was time for some stream side yoga. Notice Mac laughing his *** off in the background

Will continue
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