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We continued our way upstream all the time hoping we would find the manway out.

Then I found the spot Crockett and I couldn't find on our way out last time. This time it was right on my waypoint. Trees that were down in river were even still there only shifted by high water. Today we would take the standard exit upstream.

Look plain as day today. Perfect pool after perfect pool

Plenty of these guys

This place just left everyone feeling great

The "Exit sign" we were looking for. Took 2 pictures to capture

Sweet relief - the manway

Getting to be not in good shape. Old broken limbs were only way to define trail in many places, and it took all 3 sets of eyes to keep us on track unless we were in the tunnel sections. Many hemlocks have fallen plus 10-15 other blow downs made for breaking our way through several places. Still better than more than a mile of stream walking.

Mac getting up close and personal with the rhodo

We soon exited the manway back on the stream and just several hundred yards from the trail out. Happy to be back in one piece and as Freddie says, "Glad to fish another day"

Just another great day with my fellow LRO forum members in a slice of heaven

Until next time (Monday)
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