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Originally Posted by TylerG10 View Post
Hooked, I was in the same position as you just about a month ago. However, I had some decent luck on Saturday and noticed the exact same thing.

Saturday morning, I was using a very yellowish brown Sulphur parachute and had success with it until about 11:30. Note: The entire morning I never really saw a consistent hatch of anything.

Saturday afternoon, I tried to use the exact same set-up I fished that morning. There was a consistent Sulphur hatch that started up and fish were hitting all around me non-stop except they would not touch my fly. I ran into Bigsur and after talking to him, we figured out to go a little bit darker and use something more grey than brown and yellow. That was the trick for me and I was able to catch a few. To me, it was a very small change and almost not enough for me to notice but for the fish, they seemed to notice. I was throwing a 16, FWIW.

I think the density of the hatch coming off and the location you are at on the river can play an important roll. Hope it helps. Each time I go to the river I am learning more and more.

Tyler I have attached some pictures of the hatch that was on the Clinch from this past Saturday, I hit the Smokies after the Clinch, Saturday evening (suprisingly no crowd where I go) for a bit of luck with my Tenkara rod and nailed a couple small bows. Hit the Clinch again on Sunday and Monday and got a few more bows, a brown in an area where I never see them and finally yesterday nailed two big bows one I lost right at my feet that broke off and the other I have included a shot of. I did nothing responsible except mow the front yard Sunday night, it was great! (Did anyone else see the I think Osprey working the river dive bombing and grabbing fish from the river truly on the fly?


Check out the fly in his mouth! Yellow!!

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