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I agree with the suggestions of getting to the water via one of the quiet walkways - - have had some success myself.

I don't intend to hijack FlyRed's thread but thought I'd add a few lines about my Memorial Day weekend "feeshin" efforts. Spent a couple hours Friday afternoon knocking the rust off my casting / drift-control and getting back some timing on setting a hook on those lightning fast wild trout strikes - - landed several 'bows about 5 inches down from the Institute and missed about twice that many. Similar results on Saturday with a couple long-distance releases (ha ha), but above the Institute (had to stay close to Townsend "home base" because of other activities), including a couple war-paint shiners about 4 inches. Sunday was better, even though Tremont was "lousy" with fly-flingers - - a couple 5-6 inchers to hand and 1 about 8 inches - - all 'bows this time.

Saw a t-shirt in Jackson last fall that seemed to come to mind several times over the weekend (no sacrilege intended): I'd rather be in the mountains thinking about God, than in church thinking about the mountains.

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