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Flyred, sorry to hear you got so sick after making the trek up here. I also fished on Saturday in the park. Yes, I do sometimes leave the tiger stripe bass alone and head to the mtns for some "Fish with Spots" , as Corbo would say!
I hiked up all the way to Starkey creek confluence and fished back for Specs.
It has been about 2 years since going up there and probably will be a long time till I go back. once the main trail ends , it becomes more of a "game trail" and it is pretty overgrown with new weeds and forest undergrowth, and fallen trees and tree limbs. makes for difficulty in staying on the old walking path .
I know no one was ahead of me, with all the cobwebs and undisturbed pathway. We used to go up there a lot for acid deposition sampling.
I caught brookies, maybe 10-12 in about 4 hours, but it was tough fishing. not in the way of it being difficult to approach and cast a pool, but rather the fish were just not biting as I would have expected in an area that sees very few. pools you would expect to hold several fish would produce not a single rise. The fish themselves I did catch were small, more like I would expect from some of easier to reach places. I think the largest was about 8" and caught several very juvenile specs also. Not the ones I expected after all the restoration work to help them grow without the rainbows to compete against.

I think the fact the cold front moved in again last friday and was cold overnight and sat. morning, and the moon was full, I think it affected the fish and slowed down the bite for everyone.
Well, Hope your feeling better now and can make another trip back for some redemption. I did get to see a ruffed grouse on the trail on the way out. I've heard them many times but never saw one in the park.
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