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So I drove up from knoxville lat Thursday only for Jason to inform me of the impending super cold weather which I wasn't prepared for... After hitting up a couple stores in Richmond to get some supplies we headed up to the little section of the George Washington national forest on the West Virginia border. The hike in was pretty good and on the way down we collected a large cache of ramps and branch lettuce which we consumed over the next several days. Thanks to the magic pants I picked up at dicks sporting goods in Richmond, I slept so warm and comfy in my hammock that there was no getting me out until at least 10.

The first morning by the time I finally felt like getting up, Jason's kids had a good fire going.

Since I had done a bunch of this work this last semester with a senior doing his thesis on terrestrial salamanders in the GSMNP, and Jason's kids are really into salamander hunting, I spent a little bit of time showing them how to find the terrestrials

Nolan found a Pygmy salamander

Eli's southern redback

Jack found a big Pygmy

They were all pretty happy with their finds

That afternoon, the group hiked up to the top of a bald, while I scoped out the fishing. I caught just one small Brookie, but I managed to find a cool campsite on a island, which we used the next night.

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