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So after getting up at the early hour of 11:30am... It was time for fishing! The water the previous day had been 46 and despite huge hatches, there was little to no action. I had spied some very large fish, so I knew they were there, they just had no interest in my flies.

Since Jason had three kids in tow, I hiked about a mile or so Downstream and started fishing there.

First Brookie of the day

The next one was better

Definitely not in the smokies anymore...

But the fish kept getting better...

While I was adding that 9"+ fish to my dinner collection, I heard a splash from the pool I just pulled him from. Waiting a few seconds, I saw another splash, in the shallowest most sun baked part of the stream. So was thinking, "i just pulled a fish from the pool, and he ran all around the whole thing, so whatever this is must be a neophyte dink of a Brookie"

But I cast to him anyway.

Third cast, I finally got a good drift into his run and he slammed it. It was not at all what I was expecting

Just at 11.5"

Lets see him again, in all his Brookie glory

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