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not at thing wrong with that vessel. It reminds me of when a friend of mine and me started fishing together 10 years ago. all we had was a flat bottom boat and time to fish. we went striper fishing, crappie fishing and bass fishing. many a great hours were in that small boat. But then he decided to go big time and bought a 18 ft ranger bass boat. we fished some tournaments and did a little crappie fishing. Then that wasn't good enough and he wanted to be the next big thing so he sold it and bought a $50,000 ranger and only fished tournaments. I no longer fish with him due to his goals and mine had changed. I still fished because I enjoyed the outdoors, friendships and relaxation. I am not sure he enjoys any of it anymore. So if the boat brings you enjoyment and serves your needs, don't sweat the other crap. I look forward to seeing the post of where your travels will take you in your new chariot of the outdoors.
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